CARES Act / COVID-19 Response Team

To help our clients during this time of confusion and uncertainty, Bowles Rice has teams of attorneys closely monitoring federal, state and local developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are advising businesses throughout our region on fast-breaking issues related to specific industries and areas of law.

If you have questions about how local, state or federal developments may impact your business, we can help. For more information, please contact one of the following members of our CARES Act / COVID-19 Response Teams:

  • Banking and financial services

Julie Chincheck Elizabeth Frame Sandra Murphy
Mike Proctor Amy Tawney Ben Thomas

E-Alert:  Paycheck Protection Program FAQs


Julie Chincheck Sharon Menchyk Mike Proctor

E-Alert: Options Available for Businesses Facing Financial Distress Due to COVID-19

  • Business Operations and Sustainability

David DeJarnett Tom Heywood Roger Hunter
Breck Martin Ellen Maxwell Hoffman Sharon Menchyk
Marc Monteleone John Nobbs Mike Proctor
Amy Tawney    

E-Alert:  Paycheck Protection Program FAQs

  • CARES Act – Changes in Benefit Provisions

Lynn Clarke Steven Hall Emily Lambright
Melody Simpson    

E-Alert: CARES Act: Access to Retirement Funds Increased During Pandemic


Mark Adkins Scott Barnette Charles Hughes
Brad Mellor Sharon Menchyk Marc Monteleone
Patrick Timony Ken Webb  
  • Crisis Communications

Ellen Maxwell Hoffman Peter Markham
  • Data Protection & Privacy

Floyd Boone Bill Ihlenfeld

Blog Post: Coronavirus Causes Surge in Cybercrime


Rick Boothby Kayla Cook Josh Cottle
Kim Croyle Peter Markham Julie Moore
Trey Morrone Howard Seufer  
  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

David DeJarnett Marc Monteleone Emily Lambright
  • Health Care

Jennifer Hagedorn Brock Malcolm

Blog Post: New Measures Released to Address the Impacts of COVID-19 on Health Care Entities

  • Hospitality and Travel Industry

Richie Heath Floyd "Kin" Sayre

Blog Post: Businesses Get Creative in Wake of COVID-19 Pandemic   

  • Labor & Employment

Pam Ferrell Jennifer Hagedorn Ronda Harvey
Bob Kent Tyler Mayhew Julie Moore

E-Alert: Congress Passes Emergency Paid Leave Bill to Combat the COVID-19 Threat  


Rick Boothby Kayla Cook Josh Cottle
Kim Croyle Roger Hanshaw Peter Markham
Trey Morrone Howard Seufer  
  • Paycheck Protection Program & SBA Loan relief

Julie Chincheck Elizabeth Frame Roger Hunter
Marc Monteleone Sandra Murphy Alexandra Shulz
Amy Tawney Seth Wilson  

E-Alert: Paycheck Protection Program FAQs

  • Shareholder Meeting Requirements

Amy Tawney
  • Tax Relief

David DeJarnett Bob Kiss Emily Lambright
Marc Monteleone Floyd "Kin" Sayre  

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