Bowles Rice is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion among our attorneys, staff and vendors. We recognize the value – to our employees, our firm and our clients – of teams comprised of individuals with different life experiences, perspectives and ideas. These diverse attributes help us to create exciting new efficiencies and solve complex problems.

After a comprehensive research process and broad-based input and review, the firm adopted a formal Diversity and Inclusion Plan in 2016. Quarterly reports are provided to all attorneys on the progress of each of the plan’s action items. The addition of another woman to the firm’s Executive Committee was among the first action items to be completed. Quarterly reports include metrics to ensure that diverse attorneys are provided consistent opportunities to participate in client relations activities and work assignments for the firm’s key clients.

To increase diversity among the candidates we interview, we continue to expand the number and geographic locations of law schools at which we recruit. Each recruiting team always includes at least one diverse lawyer. Mentors, both formal and informal, help new attorneys and summer clerks assimilate into our firm and into the communities in which we live and work.

Consistent with our firm's mission to retain talented attorneys, we are committed to providing diverse attorneys and staff with opportunities to flourish and advance. Bowles Rice recently joined the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity, an organization of more than 265 corporate chief legal officers and law firm managing partners who have dedicated themselves to creating a truly diverse legal profession. Through LCLD, we offer opportunities for diverse legal talent to participate in various leadership programs designed to help a more diverse generation of attorneys ascend to leadership positions within our firm and legal community. We have also proactively increased the number of women attorneys in leadership roles at the practice area, group and firm governance levels. Three of six Executive Committee members are women, and four of six administrative directors are women, including our executive director. Recognizing a need to balance one's personal life and personal obligations with the demands of a law practice, Bowles Rice has a long history of actively supporting alternative work schedules. We also support members of the firm whose public service commitments include elected office or the military.

The firm’s “By Women For Women” series provides professional development and networking opportunities for women attorneys throughout the firm. Each quarterly event features a presentation by one or more exceptional women leaders, representing business, education, community or government sectors. Topics include work-life integration; women in leadership roles; marketing opportunities unique to women; and community service. Each presentation is followed by an informal networking reception for the firm’s women associates and partners.

Finally, our Respect Credo has long expressed the firm's commitment to diversity and inclusion at every level, and in every office, every day:

 The firm recognizes the value and contribution of every individual of the team and requires that every person treat all others with respect and consideration.