Summer Clerkship Program

Kendra Amick "The level of mentorship and the practical experience I attained through my summer clerkship with Bowles Rice was second to none. After getting exposure to a wide variety of assignments, I was able to solidify my strong interest in litigation by getting hands-on experience from this seasoned practice group. The attorneys here passionately invest in the summer program and give clerks all of the tools to flourish. Notably, it was the amiable nature of the firm and the positive atmosphere that made me enjoy my summer so much. The people at Bowles Rice care about your success personally and want to see you blossom as an aspiring attorney. I am so thankful for all that Bowles Rice has done to invest in me! "

Kendra Amick
West Virginia University College of Law
2021 Summer Clerk | Charleston Office

Cameron Dalton"I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to spend my first summer as a law student with Bowles Rice. The culture here is extremely welcoming, everyone was exceptionally helpful and treated the summer clerks as valued members of the firm. Attorneys from every office were eager to share projects and provide insight on what it is like to work at Bowles Rice. I was fortunate to work on a wide range of assignments throughout the summer and gain inestimable practical experience. Bowles Rice summer clerk program surpassed all my expectations and provided me with an excellent introduction to the legal profession which will be invaluable as I continue to law school career."

Cameron Dalton
University of Florida Levin College of Law
2021 Summer Clerk | Martinsburg Office

Angelyn Gemmen"My Bowles Rice summer clerkship has been filled with variety and excitement. My caseload has spanned intellectual property disputes to education law best practices to real estate recordation, and I’ve enjoyed it all. However, it is the people here – being lovely and thoughtful – who have made it a truly special summer. The attention to the important things and general good humor of those I’ve worked or attended events with has meant so much to me. Thank you!" 

Angelyn Gemmen
West Virginia University College of Law
2021 Summer Clerk | Morgantown Office

Stephen Harper"I am thankful for everything that Bowles Rice has provided me with this summer. Being able to work once again in an in-person environment was a welcome return. The Summer Clerkship Program at Bowles Rice exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I came into this internship hoping to gain firsthand experience working on a wide variety of different tasks and legal areas, which is exactly what I found. The environment at Bowles Rice is one of a close-knit community, even across offices, and I greatly enjoyed getting to know everyone here." 

Stephen Harper
University of Pittsburgh School of Law
2021 Summer Clerk | Parkersburg Office

Ashley Stephens“Returning to Bowles Rice for my second summer clerkship was an effortless decision for me. The attorneys at Bowles Rice provide a leading experience to law students by exposing clerks to a wide array of practice groups to help the future of the industry find their niche. The folks here are excited about the clients they represent and are very proud of the work they do. Summer clerks are treated as valued members of the firm, and I felt that everyone – from partners to staff members – was invested in my success. My experience at Bowles Rice reaffirmed my passion for community service and the law, and I believe it will make all the difference as I embark on my legal career.”

Ashley Stephens
West Virginia University College of Law
2021 Summer Clerk | Charleston Office

Cameron LeFevre"My time at Bowles Rice has been more than I could have hoped for. The opportunity to experience the legal profession beyond the classroom has been a rewarding experience. Moreover, my time at Bowles Rice has both validated my education so far and renewed my confidence to pursue a successful legal career in the future. All that being said, the people here are what sets Bowles Rice apart. Every person I’ve interacted with has been kind, thoughtful and supportive.

Cameron LeFevre
West Virginia University College of Law
2021 Summer Clerk | Martinsburg Office

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The Bowles Rice Summer Clerk Program is designed to provide a realistic, informative and well-balanced experience that provides each of our participants with a full picture of our firm, our practice areas and the quality of life in the cities in which we live and work. The program also gives the firm an opportunity to get to know and evaluate each summer clerk as a potential associate upon his or her law school graduation.

We recognize that our clerks come to Bowles Rice with varying degrees of experience or knowledge of how a law firm operates, and with a wide range of professional expectations. Our kick-off orientation program gives our new and returning clerks a clear understanding of what to expect and introduces them to the lawyers, staff and other students with whom they will be working.

Each summer clerk is paired with a Bowles Rice lawyer as a mentor, to ensure that the clerk has the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the summer program and receives a well-rounded experience. Their mentor is the summer clerk's principal contact for general firm matters and questions.

Our summer clerks are not assigned to a particular department. Instead, projects are assigned by a team of lawyers who strive to provide each clerk with work and practical experience in as many practice areas and with as many attorneys as possible. This includes not only research and drafting assignments, but also participation in meetings, closings, depositions and observation of trials. Clerks are provided with feedback on their projects, so that there is a complete learning experience during their stay.

Summer clerks from all Bowles Rice offices come together to participate in weekly meetings with the use of our video conferencing technology. As a group, they also visit two or three of the firm's offices during the summer. This provides additional opportunities for them to interact with lawyers, learn about the firm's practice areas and clients in our different offices and have some fun.

That's right – fun! We believe it is important for our clerks to get to know us, and each other, on a more personal level, and we plan a full complement of social activities (such as a whitewater rafting trip, firm-wide parties, baseball games, small dinners at attorneys' homes, organized and unorganized athletics, and other informal gatherings) to encourage such interaction.

In short, our goal is to create an experience for each of our summer clerks that is informative, enjoyable and provides a perspective on the practice of law at Bowles Rice that we believe compares favorably with any other firm, anywhere.