Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (H.R. 3684) was signed into law November 15, 2021 by President Biden and will provide opportunities for states to invest in and fund critical infrastructure needs throughout different communities while additionally upgrading related and existing projects. Funding for projects will include not only bridges and roads, but also water, sewer, broadband, airports, ports and more. For example, the passage of the Infrastructure bill will bring billions of dollars to West Virginia, Pennsylvania and the surrounding region through 2026.

Bowles Rice has a long history of working with federal, state, and local government entities throughout the region to assist and to guide them through funding opportunities, development projects and more. Our experienced team at Bowles Rice can help:

  • Navigate the regulatory process associated with the Infrastructure and Jobs Act
  • Obtain the permits and approvals that are needed to implement a project
  • Prepare construction contracts and necessary agreements for infrastructure work
  • Prepare private public partnership agreements
  • Review other funding opportunities that may be available once work begins
  • Advise counties and municipalities on broadband enhancement initiatives

Bowles Rice is a full-service law firm with decades of experience in the areas of Public Finance, Tax Law, Economic Development, Construction Law, Municipal Law, Government Relations, Broadband, Regulatory Law and more. Our diverse team of lawyers stands ready to assist you with the management of any funding or project associated with the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. With seven offices located in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Virginia, we are geographically well-positioned to assist clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic and surrounding regions.

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