Environmental and Regulatory Law

Many environmental issues are an amalgam of technical information and arcane legal standards. At Bowles Rice, we address those issues by giving voice to the science that supports our client’s position.

Bowles Rice understands science. Our Environmental Law Team includes lawyers who hold degrees in fields like chemistry and engineering. We take an analytical, detail-driven approach to resolving our clients’ environmental problems. We are skilled at developing and presenting fact-based, scientifically valid arguments that support our clients’ positions or objectives. We are problem-solvers, and sound science serves as the bedrock for many of our clients’ solutions.

Bowles Rice understands our clients’ businesses. Our Environmental Law Team has broad experience with a variety of industries. Our clients work in the energy and natural resource sectors, the real estate and construction businesses, and in chemical and other manufacturing enterprises. Bowles Rice appreciates the value of economic development in the communities where its lawyers live and work. Moreover, we take the time to get to know our clients and the unique challenges their businesses present.

Bowles Rice also understands the forums where our clients’ environmental issues are resolved. The members of our Environmental Law Team are skilled advocates, whether before the courts,  state and federal regulatory agencies or public policy makers. Beyond our experience in private practice, our team members bring to bear experience gained in their past service in an impressive array of government posts.  

Members of our Environmental Law Team are frequently called upon to participate in public organizations, to speak before industry groups and write in topical journals. Some of our lawyers have experience instructing university courses. At Bowles Rice, we know that it is not enough to compile technical data or research a principle of law; advocacy requires the ability to explain it effectively before a diverse spectrum of audiences.

Today, clients in our region are confronted by aggressive environmental regulation, not just by relevant government agencies but through the efforts of private citizen groups. The risk for environmental liability in this regime is considerable. Our Environmental Law Team helps its clients assess and reduce the risks, acquire necessary permits and, when necessary, litigate environmental disputes in administrative and judicial forums. Like many of our clients, Bowles Rice lawyers value a healthy environment while seeking to enhance the socio-economic opportunities of our clients and neighbors.

At Bowles Rice, we have Environmental Law practice “down to a science.” We understand science; we rely on it; we teach it; we use it – all for the benefit of our clients. Contact a member of our Environmental Law team today to learn more about our Environmental Law practice and its capabilities.

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