Estate and Trust Litigation

Estate and trust litigation is a highly specialized area of practice distinguished from other types of litigation, because it is governed by specific probate and trust laws and rules that are based in common law principles of equity. Effective representation requires knowledge and experience in the applicable laws and procedural rules related to probate and trust litigation.

We represent corporate and individual trustees, executors, administrators, conservators, beneficiaries and other parties in all manners of trust and estate disputes, including but not limited to:

  • Challenges to estate planning documents, including will or trust contests;
  • Allegations of fraud, coercion, incapacity or undue influence;
  • Allegations of a breach of fiduciary duty;
  • Actions seeking removal of a fiduciary;
  • Accounting disputes;
  • Elder abuse allegations;
  • Recovery of assets pursuant to a Probate Code Section 850 petition;
  • Interpretation of trust provisions;
  • Beneficiary disputes;
  • Mediations;
  • Trials; and
  • Appeals
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