Bowles Rice Education Law Team Launches Podcast

February 11, 2021

Bowles Rice is excited to announce the launch of a new initiative from the members of our Education Law Team.  WVEduCast is a podcast – a first for Bowles Rice – developed by our Education Law team as yet another innovative way to connect with clients and friends of the firm.  The podcast is hosted by team member Trey Morrone and produced by the firm’s Marketing team.

The first episode has been posted to the Education Law Blog.  In part one of episode one, Trey discusses the hot topic of local control with Dr. Howard O’Cull, Executive Director of the West Virginia School Board Association, who provides commentary from the local, county perspective. 

To listen to episode one, part one of the podcast, click on the link below:

Part two of episode one will feature a discussion with Heather Hutchens, who serves as General Counsel to the West Virginia Department of Education. She will speak on local control from the state perspective. That episode will be posted next week.

Moving forward, the team plans to release a new episode on a new education-related topic each month. Stay tuned!