Professional Licensing Disputes

Your professional license is the most valuable asset you have.  You have invested thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars for the opportunity to receive your license and to participate in your practice.  A professional license allows you to work in a specific field at the exclusion of the general public.  In turn for this privilege, West Virginia heavily regulates its professionals and oversees their practices through a variety of appointed boards.  These administrative boards have the power to rescind your license and preclude you from practicing unless you adequately protect yourself. 

Bowles Rice has years of experience assisting professionals with their licensing disputes.  We regularly appear before and litigate against West Virginia boards to assure that our clients are able to maintain their professional practices with as limited restriction as possible.  We uniquely tailor every plan to best protect your livelihood.

Our firm's Professional Licensing Disputes team assists professionals before: 

  • The West Virginia Board of Accounting;
  • The West Virginia Board of Medicine;
  • The West Virginia Board of Osteopathic Medicine;
  • The West Virginia Board of Pharmacy;
  • The West Virginia Board of Registration for Professional Engineers;
  • The West Virginia Division of Labor;
  • The West Virginia Lawyer Disciplinary Board;
  • The West Virginia Real Estate Commission; and
  • other related entities.
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