Class Action Defense

Recognizing that class actions can present enormous risks for companies, our attorneys work with companies to ascertain the best strategic approach to a putative class action, whether it’s focusing on opposing class certification, assessing early resolution or otherwise defending against the asserted claims.

Bowles Rice represents clients in every facet of class action proceedings, including class certification, motions to dismiss, summary judgment, standing issues, trials, and all facets of parallel administrative proceedings and derivative actions.

Our attorneys  regularly defend class actions in a broad range of substantive areas, including consumer and business practices, product liability, environmental and toxic tort, consumer protection and product liability, employment, financial services, securities and antitrust.    In cases where dismissal or defeat of class certification is not available, our class action attorneys are prepared to take class cases through trial and appeal.  We have experience in representing companies in a wide array of industries, including manufacturing, financial services, construction, telecommunications, technology, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

We have successfully navigated the Multi-District Litigation process to represent our clients. We are well versed in the unique procedural rules applicable to class and mass tort actions, and know how to use these rules to our clients’ advantage. We have extensive experience managing electronic discovery and performing statistical analysis in complex litigation matters.

In addition, we draw upon our combined experience across practice lines to provide a fully integrated, multidisciplinary approach to defending class action lawsuits.

We monitor legislative and regulatory developments and class litigation trends that might impact the risk profile for businesses and we help our clients consider and implement changes that might lessen their risk of litigation.  When class action lawsuits are filed, we draw upon years of experience in developing the best path to client success.  We also build upon the firm’s significant government relations practice in defending the regulatory investigations that can accompany the filing of class litigation.

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