Cybersecurity and Information Privacy

As technology continues to evolve, and we become more reliant on the personal and professional conveniences it provides, the urgency for strict behaviors and protocols that promote information security rises exponentially.  The Bowles Rice Cybersecurity and Information Privacy Team provides an all-encompassing approach to privacy and data security issues for a wide variety of businesses and industries.

Keeping sensitive information private and secure is of paramount importance to our clients in the health care and banking and financial services industries, as well as those in real estate, education, public utilities and more. With detailed security risk assessment, customized data privacy policies and procedures, contract negotiation assistance, employee and vendor training, and a comprehensive cyber incident response plan, our team’s approach encourages a level of awareness and preparedness necessary for today’s complicated business landscape.

Data breaches, hacks and other cyber incidents are not completely unavoidable. Our team has experience providing swift and discrete response efforts to such occurrences. From working in concert with state and regulatory authorities and assisting with investigations to fulfilling any notification or compliance obligations and providing litigation services, our experience is wide-ranging in scope and effect.

The members of the Bowles Rice Cybersecurity and Information Privacy Team bring years of experience and knowledge to this arena, be it the banking sector with its state and federal compliance statutes and regulations, or the health care industry and all the intricacies of HIPAA, HITECH and PHI. Whatever the industry, our team is well suited to help your business plan, practice and prepare for information privacy and security.

Services include:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Employee and Vendor Training
  • Cybersecurity preparedness
  • Data breach response
  • Disputes and litigation
  • Regulatory investigations

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