Federal Tax Matters

The Tax lawyers at Bowles Rice use their significant experience to develop and implement comprehensive and creative solutions for clients needing assistance with federal tax matters.

Tax law changes rapidly, and as a result, it is not uncommon to face a “cutting edge” transaction, the tax treatment of which is not clearly prescribed by the law.  Our Tax attorneys regularly provide clients with sophisticated federal tax advice covering matters such as individual income tax planning; business tax planning; employment classifications and tax compliance, audit preparation and representation within the IRS administrative appeals process; tax litigation with the IRS; and enforcement actions by the IRS.

The Bowles Rice Tax Team regularly updates our clients on current and proposed federal legislation, with detailed analysis and direct contacts for clients needing more information. Our attorneys bring to this process all of the skills of a technical advisor.

In addition to the technical tax advice, clients also seek advice on a broader range of risks. These include an evaluation of whether a transaction likely would be viewed unfavorably by the IRS despite its technical merits. In many cases, uncertainty in the process of innovation results in a request for formal or informal guidance from the IRS. Our Tax attorneys are able to help our clients sort through the myriad tax issues in modern transactions to arrive at sensible solutions to their tax problems.

2018 Federal Tax Reform

The members of the Bowles Rice Tax Team have broken down the 1,079-page Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) into a series of summaries that highlight various aspects of the new Federal tax laws. To find out more about how the sweeping new changes may impact you and/or your business, click here and choose from a list of nearly 20 topic-specific summaries. Please contact a member of the Bowles Rice Tax Team if you'd like to discuss how the TCJA could affect your particular tax situation, and the possible planning steps you might consider in response.

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