Health Plans, Cafeteria Plans and Other Fringe Benefits

Employer-sponsored health and welfare plans remain integral to employee recruiting and retention.  As costs, government regulation and enforcement efforts continue to rise, employers must devote more resources to ensuring the plans they offer provide value while remaining legally compliant.  Our benefits attorneys serve as strategic partners with employers in these efforts by: 

  • Providing employers, insurers, third-party administrators and other service providers with advice to ensure plan design and operational compliance with federal and state laws, including ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act (ACA);
  • Preparing and updating employee health and welfare plan documents, summary plan descriptions (SPDs) and participant notices and disclosures consistent with ERISA and other federal and state laws for self-insured, fully-insured or bundled health and welfare plans, including cafeteria, medical, dental, vision, disability and wellness programs;
  • Representing health plans, insurers, third-party administrators and employers in health and welfare plan-related litigation and appeals before state and federal administrative and judicial tribunals, and in investigations by state and federal authorities, including the Department of Labor; and
  • Advising clients regarding health and welfare plan issues in the course of mergers and acquisitions and IRS and DOL audits.
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