ClientNet Login

Our firm mission at Bowles Rice is "to provide the best, most efficient, cost-effective, technologically advanced legal services to our clients." To further our mission, and to better serve our clients, we have created the Bowles ClientNet. 

What is the Bowles ClientNet?

The Bowles ClientNet is the latest in advanced client communications. Through our technology and the Internet, we can provide a faster, more effective way to communicate with our clients on all legal matters. The ClientNet provides our clients with more convenient and timely access to documents and other legal information in a safe, secure environment

The Bowles ClientNet is a secure, interactive "virtual office," customized to meet the individual needs of our clients. It allows instant client access to documents and other legal information 24 hours a day, seven days a week −no more waiting by the fax machine or overnight delivery charges. Clients navigate their "virtual office" in the same way they browse the web. Important legal information is organized and made accessible to our clients, so they know exactly where to find it, when they need it. In addition, when new information is posted, our system will e-mail clients to let them know new materials are available for review.

What does the ClientNet do?

Through the Bowles ClientNet, our clients can privately communicate with our attorneys, view important legal information and even schedule meetings. Among other things, the ClientNet will allow clients to securely:

  • View documents drafted by attorneys and provide instant feedback, through comments or modifications, on specific provisions within the document;
  • Hold focused discussions with attorneys on any topic or case, including case strategies or clarifications of the details of a particular transaction;
  • Communicate with attorneys on the dates and time of important events or deadlines relating to a case or transaction; and
  • View lists providing contact information on all parties working on a particular file or case.

Best of all, our clients do not have to purchase or learn anything new – all they need is a web browser and an Internet connection to access their ClientNet from anywhere in the world. 

Contact an attorney at Bowles Rice about the Bowles ClientNet. We can demonstrate how the ClientNet works, and can immediately develop a private, customized ClientNet according to your needs. We will assign proper secure access and open your virtual office for business

The Bowles ClientNet is secured using the most advanced "firewall" hardware and software to guard and protect the confidentiality of our clients and our firm. All data transfers are encrypted as well for added protection. Each client area is uniquely password protected for that client, and only those persons who have been authorized by both the client and Bowles Rice can enter into this area.