Lateral Hiring

Bowles Rice has been fortunate to attract and recruit outstanding, experienced attorneys who started their legal careers elsewhere. Our lateral attorneys have come to us from positions in government, industry, other states and other law firms.

We focus on a potential lateral attorney’s strength, talents, experience and reputation in his or her particular practice area. Credit for partnership consideration may be extended for all, or a portion of a lateral attorney’s time spent in a prior position.

Please contact our Recruiting Coordinator, Ben R. Thomas, for more information if you are a practicing attorney with an outstanding record of academic achievement, and would like to learn more about opportunities with Bowles Rice.

Peter G.MarkhamPeter G. Markham

Special Counsel
Practices in Corporate Governance and Commercial Transactions, Civil Litigation and Government Relations
Charleston Office

“I was attracted to Bowles Rice LLP because, in my dealings with its lawyers, I was impressed not only with the quality of their work product and knowledge, but with how personable they are. I wanted to be part of a team that delivers great service with that personable touch.”

Alaina R. HillAlaina R. Hill

Practices in Real Estate and Energy
Southpointe Office

“One of my first introductions to Bowles Rice was at an energy industry event, where several Bowles Rice attorneys were featured speakers. I quickly came to see that Bowles Rice was a leader in the area of coal, oil and gas law. My decision to move from a boutique oil and gas title firm to Bowles Rice was driven by my positive interactions with the attorneys I had met and my desire to diversify my practice to include other aspects of oil and gas law. Since joining Bowles Rice, I have not only built upon my foundation in oil and gas title work, but have expanded my practice to now include a significant amount of oil and gas litigation and transaction work. I am blessed to work with a talented group of attorneys on assignments that both challenge and interest me.”

James H. McCuneJames H. McCune

Practices in Commercial and Financial Services, Real Estate and Energy
Southpointe Office

“I had known Bowles Rice was a top law firm since my days at the WVU College of Law. When I saw that Bowles Rice was opening an office in my backyard, in Southpointe – the "Energy Capital of the East" – I was intrigued about the prospect of doing more work in the energy sector. The people I met at Bowles Rice were absolutely super, and I knew that I would fit right in, even after 38 years of practicing in a small firm environment. It was absolutely the right move for me, and I have not looked back. I am excited about this opportunity and I look forward to new challenges. The firm has the horsepower to allow its lawyers and staff to maximize their potential.”

Jennifer B. HagedornJennifer B. Hagedorn
Practices in Energy, Health Care, Labor and Employment and Workers' Compensation
Southpointe Office

“Several of my colleagues from the West Virginia University College of Law either began their careers with Bowles Rice or were later hired laterally. These attorneys have remained at Bowles Rice and made great strides in their professional growth. I knew that the resources available at a larger law firm could open doors in my own legal career and decided that Bowles Rice would be the right move for me. After joining Bowles Rice, I have found that the firm's culture encourages respect and teamwork. Being a part of a firm that rewards hard work, while supporting family commitment and community involvement, is a fulfilling experience.”

Jennifer B. HagedornScott E. Barnette
Special Counsel
Practices in Energy Law, Real Estate Development and Construction Law
Charleston Office

“I chose Bowles Rice, foremost, because of its people. My colleagues are the best in the business. They valued my previous experience, and I've been provided the opportunity to do challenging work for great clients.”

Rebecca M. TinderRebecca M. Tinder

Partner and former General Counsel for the WV Board and Department of Education
Practices in Education Law
Charleston Office

“I was drawn to Bowles Rice because of the opportunity to join the State's premier Education Group, known throughout the state of West Virginia as "the best." I wanted to work with and learn from the best. My high expectations were not only met but were vastly surpassed in that my Bowles Rice family of mentors, coaches and teammates stretches far beyond just the Education Group to include every member of the firm. I am proud to be a part of Bowles Rice, a firm that values its members and their contribution to the success of our clients and as leaders in our communities.”

Joseph L. CaltriderJoseph L. Caltrider
Practices in Litigation
Martinsburg Office

“Bowles Rice attorneys are respected as great lawyers, great leaders, great citizens and great people. I knew that I wanted to partner with these people and to be associated with one of the best law firms in the region.”