WVEduCast – Episode 18: Back to School
WVEduCast – Episode 18: Back to School

It's a new month, so that means we are back with a new episode of the WVEduCast! You can listen to the episode using the link below, or download to the device of your choice and listen at your convenience. This is the 18th episode of our monthly education law podcast.

Since it is September, we thought we'd record a Back to School episode. WVEduCast host Trey Morrone welcomes two guests to the podcast this month: Amber Nichols, Eastwood Elementary Kindergarten Teacher and a 2023 West Virginia Teacher of the Year Finalist, and Leigh Anne Wilson, a fellow Bowles Rice Education Law team member and former nationally board certified teacher. They put the theory of “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” to the test, discussing lessons learned from students, funny moments from the classroom, challenges for the coming school year, and how they would like to see education move forward in the Mountain State.

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LINK  WVEduCast – Episode 18 (24:19)

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