WVEduCast – Episode 11: Annual Evaluation of the County Superintendent's Performance
WVEduCast – Episode 11: Annual Evaluation of the County Superintendent's Performance

For the last episode of 2021, we have a special two-part edition of the WVEduCast. Both parts have been posted and are available below for listening, sharing or downloading. We are extremely grateful for all of our wonderful guests this year, as well as our growing list of listeners and subscribers.  Thank you all!

Our 11th episode, titled “Annual Evaluation of the County Superintendent’s Performance,” is a two-part podcast covering the county board of education’s annual evaluation of its superintendent. In the first episode, host Trey Morrone discusses with the Association’s general counsel, Howard Seufer, the steps of the evaluation process required by West Virginia’s school laws, with an emphasis on the modifications recently made by the West Virginia Board of Education. The second episode’s focus is on a critical part of that process: developing the goals or objectives on which the superintendent’s performance will be measured. Charlene Coburn from the West Virginia Department of Education, together with the President and Superintendent of Jackson County Schools, Jim Frazier and Blaine Hess, talk with Trey about best practices in developing the goals and objectives.

The West Virginia School Board Association's website will offer related written materials to help school boards and superintendents navigate the newly-revised evaluation procedure. These episodes were produced by arrangement with the WVSBA.

To listen to the episodes, click on the links below. You can also save the links to your device and listen at your convenience.

LINK → Episode 11: Part One with Howard Seufer (29:47)

LINK → Episode 11: Part Two with Charlene Coburn, Jim Frazier and Blaine Hess (30:29)