Posts from June 2022.
Constitutional Rights and Estate Planning

The United States Supreme Court has recently overturned decades of precedent ending the constitutional right to abortion. Justice Thomas, concurring in the judgment, wrote that the Court “should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents,” including Obergefell v. Hodges, which created the constitutional right to same-sex marriage. This threat to overturn the right to same-sex marriage has far-reaching consequences.

IRS Pilot Program for Retirement Plan Audits Offers Grace Period to Plan Sponsors

Employers who sponsor qualified retirement plans for their employees dread the "Your retirement plan has been selected for examination" [i.e., audit] letter. However, a pilot program just announced by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides the potential for self-correction and/or reduced compliance fees when a plan is selected for audit – if the employer acts quickly enough.

The IRS' recently-announced 90-day Pre-Examination Compliance Pilot Program begins now, in June 2022, and grants retirement plan sponsors a 90-day grace period before an audit begins in which to ...

Cryptocurrency – A Magic Pill or a Double-Edged Sword?

I was driving in the car and heard on the radio recently that 3LAU (an American DJ and electronic dance music producer) and Bdice (a Canadian music producer and visual creative director) had been collaborating on a project. During their work together, it came up that Bdice had significant debt from Audio Engineering and Music Production school – he had spent $100,000 over 10 years in interest payments alone. It is a story that we are all too familiar with these days. But what came next was what made me turn up the volume. 

3LAU asked Bdice how much he needed to pay off his loans. He said he needed ...