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New Energy In An Old Home 

On December 7, 2022, a new dawn seemed to rise in West Virginia.  The old dusty mountains seemed to stretch a bit higher, the aged rivers ran a bit swifter, and the tall trees swayed a bit freer.  It was not a change in the weather causing this, but rather changes by West Virginians being made for the climate and for revitalization of the Mountain State which emboldened our natural resources to grow wild once again.  For this day saw the first ever New Energy Conference, hosted by MAREC Action and American Clean Power Association.

This is the first energy conference in the state I am aware of ...

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WV Energy Transition – Cold Turkey on Coal?

West Virginia has seen great interest and much progress in the development and planning for of alternative electric generation in recent years.  These efforts have been further bolstered by legislation such as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (“BIL”) and the Inflation Reduction Act (“IRA”).  As these efforts to add cleaner energy and more electricity generation to the state increase, the West Virginia Public Service Commission (“PSC”), the governing body in charge of reviewing and approving applications for electrical generation projects, has recently made its ...