Appellate Litigation

The conclusion of trial court proceedings is not always the end of a case. Our extensive experience in the trial and appellate courts throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia and surrounding states provides us with the necessary knowledge and experience to navigate the appellate process.

In its most basic sense, appellate law involves handling cases on appeal. The best appellate practices, however, think of it more broadly and consider sophisticated legal analysis, strategy and issue identification – even at the trial court level – to be part of its core function.

We brief and argue appeals in the state and federal courts, and also prepare amicus curiae briefs on matters of concern to firm clients.

Our Appellate Litigation practice draws attorneys from each of our substantive practice areas, including:

Through frequent court appearances and participation in activities of the bench and organized bar, Bowles Rice’s appellate attorneys have earned the respect of many of the appellate judges in both state and federal systems.

Members of the practice group follow substantive law developments in the state and federal courts. They are sensitive to procedural issues such as removal, personal jurisdiction, subject matter jurisdiction and abstention. The lawyers in the group also monitor judicial trends and changes in procedural rules in state and federal jurisdictions.

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