WVEduCast – Episode 1, Part 1
WVEduCast – Episode 1, Part 1

Welcome to WVEduCast – an Education Law podcast from your friends at Bowles Rice.  The first episode in our brand new podcast has been posted and is available for download below.

To properly kick-off this new endeavor, our first episode is actually part one of a two part series on the topic of local control. Because it is a hot topic, we are featuring two perspectives: one from the local, county level and one from the state level.

For the local take, Bowles Rice attorney and WVEduCast host Trey Morrone talks with Dr. Howard O'Cull, Executive Director of the West Virginia School Board Association. Part two will focus on the state level in a discussion with Heather Hutchens, General Counsel for the West Virginia Department of Education.

Click on the link below to listen to part one now, or save to your device to listen later.  Part two will be posted next week.

LINK: WVEduCast - Episode One, Part One

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